In the case that your pet does experience an illness of any kind our hospital is equipped with in house laboratory equipment as well as specialized outside lab capabilities to help diagnose and monitor your pet’s disorder. 

We also have digital radiography capabilities to help us get an instant look at what is happening inside your pet.  Our nurses provide attentive and loving care while your pet stays in our ICU for fluid therapy, medicine administration and monitoring.


One of the most vital part of keeping our pets healthy is a thorough physical examination.  Because our canine and feline friends cannot tell us what is wrong with them, it is only through a physical examination that our doctors can detect subtle or early changes like decreased range of mobility or a heart murmur and begin to help your pet before they become critically ill.  Whether it is your new puppy’s first visit to the hospital or your cat’s 15th annual exam with our doctors, you can rest assured that they will receive the attention they deserve.  We provide routine vaccinations to help keep your pet protected against infectious diseases.  Be sure to ask about our puppy and kitten packages our annual vaccination packages and even our senior wellness packages!  Don’t forget that twice yearly physical exams are an important part of keeping adult and especially senior pets as healthy as possible.




From well health spay neuter procedures to emergency surgeries such as foreign body removals, our facility provides preanesthetic blood monitoring, advanced pain control, state of the art patient monitoring, a sterile and safe surgery suite and most importantly a well trained staff all to make sure your pet has the safest and most comfortable surgery possible.  From the time a patient enters the hospital until the time they leave, our staff is dedicated to making sure they are stress and pain free.  The safety of your pet is our top priority anytime they must undergo general anesthesia.


One of the most important and most often forgotten part of our pet’s health is their mouth.  Did you know that it is estimated that by the age of two, 80 percent of dogs and 70 percent of cats have some form of periodontal disease. Periodontal infections have been linked to diabetes, heart attacks, strokes, kidney disease and other life threatening disorders. The best way to prevent periodontal disease is by regularly brushing your pet's teeth and having their teeth professionally cleaned at the recommendation of your veterinarian.  Our hospital is fully equipped to perform ultrasonic dental scaling, polishing and in the case of serious infections, tooth extractions.    Let us keep your pet’s breath fresh for a lifetime of kisses!


Click Here to watch a video from the American Veterinary Medical Association about How to Brush Your Pet’s Teeth.